Manitou Servicing

Handling equipment are commonly used in construction, agriculture and industries offering solutions to builders, farmers and many other challenging lifting and moving activities. They include telehandlers, aerial work platforms, truck mounted forklifts, rotating telehandlers, warehousing equipment and masted forklift trucks. Due to their nature of applications, frequent Telescopic Handler (Manitou) servicing is required to maintain the equipment in proper working order.

As a result of heavy liftings, several parts of these trucks break down necessitating regular Telescopic Handler (Manitou) servicing.

Common Component Failures on Manitous

Hydraulic Hoses

An important feature of lifting trucks is the hydraulic hoses. Lifting heavy materials to greater heights require the best hydraulic hoses free of wear or abrasions. Our Manitou servicing includes checking inner tubes, the reinforcement layer and the outer layer; hydraulic liquids, temperature and pressure to ensure your truck gives the best services.


Lifting heavy things require a stable truck. Our services include checking the brakes, brake pads and brake liquids are in top conditions ensuring you of safety when using your trucks.


To ensure maximum efficiency and higher productivity, Manitou lifting trucks use pneumatic tires, solid resilient tires, polyurethane tires, and solid press on tires. Our service technicians will check and fit your lifting truck with the best rims and complete wheel systems.

Fork Carriages

Mainly used for quick change between attachments and forks and as extensions of existing fork carriages of a forklift truck. Due to the heavy liftings, fork carriages may break requiring Manitou servicing for the best fork carriage replacements.


To hold and move/lift heavy materials, clamps should be free from abrasions. Our experienced technicians will ensure your clamps are in the right condition.

Importance of Telescopic Handler (Manitou) Servicing

Proper servicing and maintenance of equipment ensure continuity of work all year round. This means more income. Regular Telescopic Handler (Manitou) servicing guarantee equipment productivity, less on-the-job breakdowns, reduced equipment downtime, and decreased risks caused by faulty equipment.

How often should you service?

For the best performance, frequent service and maintenance are required. Complete maintenance should be carried out every six months. However, weekly checks ensure all parts are in the right condition and any faulty part are replaced in time preventing additional damage and accidents. At Diesel Torque, we ensure the manufacturer’s recommendations are observed during the entire Manitou servicing, guaranteeing top quality work at affordable rates.

Failure to service your vehicles can lead to frequent downtime, accidents caused by faulty brakes and tires leading to a lose of confidence by clients. For instance, if a forklift truck were to break down during a project, you would have to wait until a spare part is procured thus halting the project for a considerable period of time. Regular Telescopic Handler (manitou) servicing ensures projects complete in time increasing profits and enhancing your reputation.

What to change regularly?

Telescopic Handler (Manitou) servicing focusses more on oils, filters, coolant and hydraulic fluids during the maintenance process. We keenly analyse the oil to determine if it should be changed and change filters only after ascertaining all the dirt holding capacity is spent.

Frequent servicing saves money in the long run. This is due to the fact that a serviced truck operates at its best, completing tasks faster and efficiently, has little or no downtime and more importantly, ensures continuity of a project.

In Western Australia, some of the most popular equipment handling brands are Toyota, Crown, Linde, Nissan, Hyundai, Merlo and Manitou. Whatever your brand is, contact Diesel Torque for all your handling equipment problems. Give us a call today.