Fire Truck Servicing

Reliable and periodic fire truck servicing is necessary for all fire truck engines. This is done to prevent failures of these crucial lifesaving vehicles. All departments running such trucks must subject them to periodic inspection.

Given the nature of work performed by fire engine trucks, they are expected to be in good working condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Downtime is never an option because no one knows when a fire disaster can strike. Unfortunately, machines are prone to wear and tear prompting fire truck servicing.

Common Component Failures on Fire Trucks


It is crucial to ensure drive shafts are not bent or cracked. At Diesel Torque, our expert mechanics ensure drive shafts joints are fixed properly and not encumbered by foreign objects.

Hydraulic Oil Pump

To lift firefighters to higher levels, a fire engine truck’s hydraulic system must be in perfect condition. Our mechanics ensure the hydraulic system is well lubricated and well maintained.

Steering Linkage

This should not have any worn-out parts. As part of quality servicing, we thoroughly check to ensure all the connecting arms, links and rods are well lubricated and in perfect working condition.


The brakes on fire engine trucks should work at 100% efficiency at all times. Our professional vehicle technicians will inspect a truck’s front brake slack adjuster to make sure there are no missing, cracked or loose parts.


To efficiently regulate and control water pressure when aimed at fires, the valves must be in good working condition. Our skilled technicians ensure proper valves and pipes repairs and replacements.

Importance of Fire Truck Servicing

Fire trucks must be ready to respond to a call to save lives and property on a moments notice. Therefore, this leaves no room for faulty apparatus, components or delays. For reliable fire engines, make fire truck servicing a top priority. At Diesel Torque, we take pride in quality servicing and preventive mechanisms such as daily inspections leading to early identification of problems, saving you money and the attendant embarrassment and reputation risk of not being able to respond to a fire disaster effectively.

For the best performance of your fire engine truck, we recommend regular inspection and changing of lubrication, oil and filters and flushing of hydraulic and coolant fluids depending on mileage and appropriate calendar timing. This should only be done according to the manufacturer’s procedures and checklist. In summary, your fire engine truck needs regular fire truck servicing to increase its availability during times of urgent calls.

Can Fire Truck servicing save money in the long term?

Absolutely! A well-maintained fire engine track saves money and reduces liability subjection by minimising the equipment downtime or repairs as well as lengthening the truck’s service life. This makes the fleet safer to manage. Frequent fire truck servicing is the only way to ensure reduced long-term costs. On the contrary, a poorly maintained truck is prone to breakdown, accidents and may contribute to liability claims when trucks don’t respond to emergencies.

The most popular fire engine trucks in Australia include Mercedes Benz, Isuzu, Scania and MAN. However, whatever your brand, Diesel Torque has the highly trained professional vehicle technicians with years of experience to provide top-notch fire truck servicing to your fleet. Give us a call today and we guarantee value for your money.