Bobcat Servicing
& Skid Steer Servicing

Due to the continual and hard wear & tear of moving components on a Skidsteer / Bobcat, regular servicing is essential to keep the machine in excellent working order.

Engine & Drive Belt

Check the engine oil levels, cooling system and air system on a regular basis. Ensure the hydraulic oil levels are as required and that no debris lingers in the oil cooler, grill and radiator. Also, maintain the coolant levels at recommended levels. Ensure the Kevlar belt, which is a special feature for Bobcat skid steer loaders, is well secured for the smooth running of the engine. Check the entire system for any leaks and correct any deviations in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

Brakes & Tyres

This is a major safety measure. The vehicle is built to lift heavy loads from the ground which means that the operator must be able to stop the skid steer without any delays to avoid accidents.

Due to the nature of the job performed by Bobcat skid steers, tyres should be checked regularly to ensure they are at the correct PSI. During Bobcat/skid steer servicing, we check tyres to ensure they have the right air pressure and that the treads are in good shape. Replace any worn out or damaged tires and always have an inflated spare.

Access Points & Cooling System

These include pivot points, that is, the cylinders, Bob-Tach Wedges and Lift Arms. Our Skid Steer (Bobcat) servicing entails greasing all moving points. While greasing, risky activities like lying on the ground while greasing and standing on the tracks to reach the pins should be avoided. Check for loose and broken parts and replace them accordingly.

This comprises of a smart fan and dual-path cooling to increase efficiency. Our Skid Steer (Bobcat) servicing comprises of fan servicing, radiator and hydraulic oil cooler maintenance to ensure your skid steer performs well even in extreme weather conditions.

Servicing Importance

When dealing with heavy and therefore risky materials, there is little room for mistakes. A small mistake can lead to a serious accident and considerable losses. The last thing you want is Bobcat skid steer that isn’t working like it’s supposed to or has broken down. This is why you should never try to save money by avoiding or postponing skid steer (Bobcat) servicing.The servicing schedule should follow the manufacturer’s specifications and manual and should not disregard safety measures.

During Skid Steer (Bobcat) servicing, we pay close attention to the filters, oils and fluids. This is because these are the major elements that maintain the engine in proper working condition. Oil refilling should be done as per the manufacturer’s specifications with respect to type and time. At Diesel Torque, we encourage the use of original filters to ensure better results in terms of quality and performance as highlighted in the manufacturers manual.

Skid Steer Servicing & Maintenance - Long Term Savings

Of course! When compared to other larger equipment, Bobcat skid steers perform similar tasks but only cost a fraction of what the other equipment cost. In addition, regular Bobcat skid steer servicing ensures good fuel and labour economy thus saving you on costs and downtime.

Some of the most popular brands in Australia include Kubota, Caterpillar, and New Holland and Case loaders. Whatever your brand, Diesel Torque has the expertise to service any kind of Bobcat skid steer. Contact us today to make arrangements for your Skid Steer (Bobcat) servicing schedule.