Backhoe Servicing

If you are a farmer or actively involve yourself in construction or excavation Western Australia, then a backhoe is essential equipment you need to have in place and backhoe servicing is a service you can’t afford to ignore. Backhoes perform a number of highly demanding and time-consuming tasks such as digging, landscaping, light transportation, small-scale demolitions and much more. Your backhoe must always be in optimum condition and operate at 100 percent efficiency. For to conduct regular backhoe servicing can lead to some rather expensive consequences.

Due to the nature of work that backhoes handle, some of backhoe parts are prone to breaking down and hence the need for regular backhoe servicing.

Common Component Failures on Backhoes


This is the backhoe powerhouse and therefore requires regular checks to ensure top performance. Conduct daily checks to make sure the cooling system is free from debris. Also, check for condensation in the fuel tank which can lead to engine damage.

Moving Parts

These include the bushings, system pins and bearing joints. Pay us a visit to have these elements greased according to the specifications in the manufacturers’ manual. During backhoe servicing, we pay particular attention to the trunnion bearings and front axle. One of the mistakes backhoe owner’s make is applying excess grease. This only attracts more dust which results in faster wear and tear.

Hydraulic Hoses

Improper maintenance of the hose routing can lead to a rupture of the hydraulic hoses. A damaged hose increases the operating costs. During backhoe servicing, we check to ensure your hoses are correctly tied and well secured on the stick and boom.

Tyres and Tracks

Check your tyres daily to ensure they have the right pressure to reduce the rate of wear and tear, as well as improve stability. Maintaining your tyres at the correct pressure also ensures that the operator uses less energy to drive the backhoe. For backhoes with metallic tracks, ensure the tension and traction are well set. Rust on the tracks makes backhoe movement difficult. Also, replace the tyres and tracks when the treads are worn, and always remember to carry a spare along with you.

Importance of Backhoe Servicing

When doing heavy tasks on the farm and fields, the last thing you want to worry about is under-performing equipment. This is why backhoe servicing cannot be taken for granted. Perform the servicing schedule according to the manufacturer’s specifications and standard and pay due regard to safety measures.

During backhoe servicing, we change the filters, fluids, and oils which are the heart of the engine. Most problems begin with these elements. At Diesel Torque, we encourage the use of original components and manufacturer recommended fluids and oils.

Does Backhoe servicing save money in the long-term?

Most certainly. For instance, a hydraulic system operating at 80% efficiency means you accomplish a task that would take four days in five days, a significant loss. Alternatively, if you operate it at 100% efficiency and complete the job in 4 days, you save time and costs. Also, where your machine breaks down as a result of poor maintenance, you incur lost revenues, repair costs, high fuel consumption among other losses. Clearly, regular backhoe servicing not only save you on costs but also time.

Some of the most popular backhoe brands in Australia include Case, Bobcat, Doosan, Hyundai, Caterpillar, Samsung, and Volvo. Whatever your brand, our team of experts is available to service your backhoe. Call us today and arrange a backhoe servicing schedule.